Kaylee Gallington

Signed  To                                                                                                                  Reach Management                              (215) 322-8200                      goldie@reachmgnt.com                    Talent ID; 76467


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This is all about me and my career. I am a Professional Model, i have done 1,100 Photoshoot's, 5 Runways, and have been in 19 Magazines. I'm a Professional Actress, i have been in 8 Movies, 2 Commercials, and 1 TV Show. I'm a Profession Singer i have 14 albums of music.


My names Kaylee Gallington I'm 23 years old,I'm from Hoquiam,WA and i am a Professional Actress, Model, and Singer. I have a lot of experience and i am always looking to book new jobs.